Accredited Specialists

Accredited Specialists

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What is Specialist Accreditation?

The Law Society of NSW operates the Specialist Accreditation Scheme to help the general public identify solicitors who have demonstrated proficiency in a particular area of law.
Solicitors who fulfil the requirements of the Scheme are entitled to use, after their name, the words ‘Accredited Specialist’ in the nominated area of practice.

What is an Accredited specialist?

Accredited Specialists are practising solicitor who has demonstrated specialised competence in a particular area of law and has been conferred Specialist Accreditation by the Law Society under its Specialist Accreditation Scheme.

Why should I use an Accredited Specialist?

To become an Accredited Specialist a solicitor must have practised law full-time for at least five years and worked in their area of legal speciality for at least three years. Following this, a solicitor must pass the Law Society’s rigorous assessments in communication, problem solving, client relations and, their specialist area of law. To maintain their status as an Accredited Specialist, a solicitor must annually renew a certificate to practise the law and membership of the Law Society, plus update his or her skills and knowledge at the specialist level.

Accredited Specialists at Monaco Compensation Lawyers

At Monaco Compensation Lawyers, we aim to achieve the highest professional standard. Our practice groups are headed by accredited specialists, whose experience and skill have been recognised by the Law Society of New South Wales.
This means that your case will be handled by some of the most experienced and trained lawyers. See their recent wins

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