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$1.2 million

When Pieta was diagnosed with breast cancer, she attempted to claim a TPD benefit through her superannuation. Her insurer rejected...

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$1 million

When Aaron suffered a serious psychological injury, he attempted to claim a TPD benefit through his super fund. His policy,...

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In 2006, Jim suffered a deep psychological injury. When he tried to claim a TPD benefit through his super fund,...

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After enduring persistent workplace bulling, John developed depression and anxiety. When trying to claim a TPD benefit, he hit a...

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When a workplace accident left Alex unable to work, he lodged at TPD claim himself. At this same time, we...

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Sarah, a nurse, suffered chronic pain as a result of her Fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Unfortunately, due to...

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Tony has struggled with lifelong psychological injuries. When later diagnosed with physical injuries as well, Tony tried to claim a...

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