Medical Negligence – Poor removal of contraceptive device leaves patient with $650K

Amelia’s Case – Poor removal of contraceptive device leaves patient with $650,000

Amelia was 45 years old when she attended her GP to have an Implanon contraceptive device removed and replaced in her arm. Amelia suffered immediate and severe pain when the GP cut into her arm. It was alleged that her GP failed to properly anaesthetise the area of her arm before making the incision.

Amelia suffered a severe and permanent disability as result of the injury to her ulnar nerve. She experienced electric shock pain in her left arm and involuntary locking of her fingers in flexion, requiring medication to control the pain. Despite the severity of her injury Amelia continued to work in a computing company however she was unable to return to her pre-injury work of assembling computers.

An opinion was obtained from an expert general practitioner and it was established that in this case, Amelia had not been properly anaesthetised and this caused her to move sharply when the scalpel made the incision.

Our Medical Negligence team argued that, although Amelia continued to work, she was at extreme risk at the open labour market should she lose her job due to the chronic pain she now had and she was totally unfit to any manual or moderate to heavy work. The matter was settled successfully at mediation for a sum of $650,000.