Medical Negligence – Ava

Ava’s Case

Ava suffered injury at birth due to shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia occurs when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone during birth and creates depravation of oxygen. Although Ava suffered severe foetal hypoxia at birth and was clinically dead for approximately 10 minutes, she has had a good recovery and shows only mild intellectual deficits.

Our Medical Negligence team gathered evidence from many medical experts to support Ava’s claim, particularly an expert professor in obstetrics and gynaecology who said that the hospital staff had failed to recognise signs of foetal compromise during the delivery and had not reacted adequately to the poor progress of the labour.

In February 2020, Ava’s claim was resolved shortly after mediation for the sum of $550,000 plus an allowance for part of Ava’s legal fees in the sum of $185,000.