Medical Negligence – Husband with coronary artery disease suffers heart attack

Cheryl’s Case

Cheryl’s husband, Matthew, tragically died following medical treatment at the age of only 61. Matthew underwent a routine colonoscopy procedure at a public hospital. During the colonoscopy Matthew regurgitated and aspirated stomach contents, suffering a fall in blood pressure and oxygen saturation. The procedure was terminated, and Matthew was transferred to recovery where he suffered a heart attack and died shortly after.

A key issue in the case was that Matthew had a medical history of coronary artery disease involving a heart attack, coronary artery bypass grafting and the insertion of stents. Following the insertion of stents Matthew required daily dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT). The purpose of the DAPT was to reduce the risk of a heart attack. The evidence established that Matthew had been directed to stop his DAPT therapy prior to the colonoscopy, which caused the heart attack. The expert evidence contended the DAPT should not have been stopped for a routine colonoscopy.

Cheryl suffered severe depression following her husband’s death and struggled to perform her usual activities of daily living at work and at home. Our Medical Negligence team made a claim for Cheryl for damages for the injury she suffered and obtained a settlement of $550,000. This compensation will make life a little easier for her in the future.