Medical Negligence – $10M secured for one case

Sam’s Claim – $10 million secured for one case.

Sam suffered neurological impairment and quadriplegia due to a hospital’s negligent treatment. Monaco Solicitors secured him a settlement amount of $10,000,000.

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Sam suffered catastrophic brain injuries, resulting in neurological impairment and quadriplegia because the hospital failed to appropriately treat him during surgery.

Before the surgery, Sam was healthy, married with children and was in good professional employment. After the surgery, he was unable to speak, walk, swallow and required 24-hour care. He was unable to look after himself or manage his own affairs. The burden of looking after him and the family fell to his wife. Eventually, it was Sam’s wife who contacted us and asked us to investigate the possible claim against the hospital.

One of our most senior Medical Negligence lawyers took the case and began contacting our extensive network of highly skilled medical experts. The Medical Negligence team gathered evidence from these experts that the hospital breached their duty of care and negligently caused our client’s injuries. Once we had all the evidence we needed, we commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court, where the hospital and its legal team vigorously defended itself.

We successfully defeated their defence and rebutted the majority of medical assumptions relied upon by the hospital. Mindful of the substantial expenses associated with litigation, we arranged for the parties to participate in a Mediation to attempt to resolve the matter without proceeding to a hearing in court.

At the mediation, we negotiated a $10 million settlement for Sam and his family.

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