Medical Negligence – Hospital discharges woman who suffered a stroke

Elizabeth’s Case – hospital discharges woman who suffered a stroke, she claims $750,000

Elizabeth was 66 years old when she was taken by ambulance to a public hospital in regional New South Wales. She had become dizzy, suffered a right sided headache behind the eye and loss of function down her left side. She was taken to hospital but discharged 2 ½ hours later. The next day she again collapsed at home and an ambulance was again called and she was taken to the same hospital. She was then transferred to a second hospital where an MRI showed that she had suffered an acute stroke. As a result of the stroke, Elizabeth suffered a brain injury with loss of strength on her left side. She also suffered frequent headaches, blurred vision, impaired speech and difficulty concentrating.

Our Medical Negligence team qualified an expert emergency physician who confirmed that Elizabeth had not received adequate treatment during her first presentation to the hospital. There had been an incorrect diagnosis and if Elizabeth had been properly diagnosed and treated with medication then she would not have suffered the second stroke.

Despite Elizabeth’s age and the fact that there was no claim for economic loss, Elizabeth’s claim was settled at mediation for the sum of $750,000.