Medical Negligence – Woman suicides – her sister and daughter claim $2M for hospital’s negligence

Leah’s case – Woman suicides – her sister and daughter claim $2 million for hospital’s negligence

Leah tragically committed suicide at only 22 years of age. Leah had a long history of mental illness. Her sister took Leah to the emergency department of a Queensland Public Hospital. After 4 hours, Leah had not been seen by a doctor and became very agitated. She left the emergency department, went to an adjacent construction site, climbed a crane and fell from the crane to her death.

Claims were brought for Leah’s sister (M) and her 2 daughters (A and I). M suffered a very severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with depression and suicidal tendencies. She was working prior to her sister’s death but was unable to return to employment afterwards. She also required assistance from her mother to look after her own children. A and I also suffered psychiatric injury and we made a claim for them for the loss of financial dependency and domestic services they would have received from their mother up to the age of 21.

The hospital admitted liability for negligence. Our Medical Negligence team obtained expert evidence from psychiatrists and a forensic accountant in terms of loss of future financial support. The claims were settled at 2 separate mediations, one for M and one for A and I.

M’s case settled for the sum of almost $1 million.

A and I’s claims settled for a total sum of $1,019,911.