Medical Negligence – Major Australian law firm rejects a client, Monaco settled case for $4.5M

Rebecca’s Case – Major Australian law firm rejects a client, Monaco takes them on board and settles case for $4.5 million

Rebecca approached us after a major national personal injury law firm had advised her she did not have a viable claim, despite having investigated her claim for 2 years. Rebecca was 35 years old when she developed a kidney stone which was scheduled for surgery. Prior to the surgery, she was admitted to a Melbourne public hospital with an infection and then developed a pulmonary embolism. In the meantime, Rebecca developed neuropathy in her lower limbs and required extensive hospitalisation. By the time Rebecca was discharged from the hospital, she was unable to walk and confined in a wheelchair.

Rebecca was a paraplegic when she was discharged from the hospital. Her feet now turn in at right angles at her ankles. She may require amputation in the future.  Rebecca had a long history of severe asthma and anorexia. We qualified a number of experts to comment on the nature and extent of Rebecca’s injuries and disabilities.

We accepted the claim even though it had been rejected by another major law firm and even though the limitation period was about to expire.

The matter was settled at a mediation for $4.5 million. Rebecca would have received no compensation had she accepted the advice of her former solicitors. While no amount of money can properly compensate Rebecca for the suffering she has endured, at least Rebecca can now achieve some level of comfort and support for the remainder of her life.