Motor Vehicle (CTP) Accident – Young female in car accident needing neck surgery receives $900K

Anastasia’s claim

Motor Vehicle Accident – Young female in a car accident requiring neck surgery – $900,000 compensation

Anastasia, a young 28-year-old female, suffered a serious neck and lower back injury when a vehicle that failed to give-way collided with her vehicle. Anastasia required neck surgery, which left her with scarring and insecurities being a young woman, and as a result, she developed an ongoing and persistent psychological disorder. Because of her injuries and the chronic nature of her symptoms, she had to resign from her job.

Anastasia came to us after she had lost confidence in another law firm. She contacted us to get a second opinion and with our advice, she decided to get our Road Accident team to represent her case.

We fast-tracked her claim, and made submissions to the insurance company who not only agreed to pay for Anastasia’s surgery, they also provided her with a substantial financial hardship payment and agreed that she was entitled to pain and suffering damages.

The claim proceeded to mediation in May 2020, and we secured a settlement of $900,000 for our client. Our client was thrilled with the speed at which we were able to settle her matter and with the result.