Motor Vehicle (CTP)
Claim – Mary

The facts:

Mary was a married woman injured in a motor vehicle accident which occurred on her way to work. The vehicle in which she was a passenger collided with another vehicle that had crossed a red light.

The injuries:

Mary suffered multiple injuries the most serious of which was an injury to her left non-dominant arm, which led to complex regional pain syndrome. She suffered ongoing pain and disability in her left arm.

After a short time off work Mary was able to return to her pre-injury duties, although on a lesser pay grade and without overtime. Importantly, she missed out on a promotion, which would have led to a significant pay rise. 

Our strategy and result:

Instructions were received from Mary to proceed with the motor accident claim in July 2009. Mary was assessed by an independent medical specialist on behalf of the Motor Accidents Authority (MAA). This determination was favourable. The insurer appealed this decision. Their arguments were very technical and required a great deal of attention on our part. After consulting with our medical experts we prepared a detailed response to their appeal, which resulted in the appeal being dismissed. This provided the claim with sufficient momentum, such that it was eventually settled in 2011 for the sum of $750,000.

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