Motor Vehicle (CTP)
Claim – Matt

The facts:

Matt was a married man who was injured when he was knocked off his bicycle by a motor vehicle.

The Injuries:

Matt suffered multiple injuries including a fracture to his jaw and a severe injury to one of his fingers leading to the amputation of his finger.

Matt was unable to return to work for a period of seven and a half months as a result of the injuries. He then returned to work doing his normal duties, although he was unable to return to the regular overtime he would undertake prior to the accident.

The insurer denied liability in respect of the claim and also alleged contributory negligence on Matt’s behalf on the basis that the accident occurred at night and he did not have a light on his bicycle.

The result:

Instructions were received from Matt to proceed with the motor accident claim in January 2008 and his claim was settled in May 2010 for the sum of $450,000.

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