Workers Compensation – Slip at work for employee with Visa still settles $900K

Patrick’s claim

Slip at work for employee with Visa still settles close to $900,000

Patrick, a man in his late forties from the United Kingdom and working in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, sustained a significant back injury when he was sent by his employer to work on another company’s building site. The building site manager told our client to do a manual task which was inappropriate given the recent wet weather conditions. Our client performed the task and subsequently slipped, falling to the ground with the immediate onset of severe back pain.

After consulting our Workers Compensation team, we made a common law claim for compensation against his employer and against the company in charge of the building site who was instructing him with the various tasks. Even though he had returned to the United Kingdom because his worker’s compensation benefits had ceased and was residing in the United Kingdom for the entire duration of the proceedings, we were able to successfully achieve a settlement close to $900,000.