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With over 20 years of experience, we can help with your death benefit or life insurance claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a claim?

You are likely to have a claim if you:

  • were in a close personal relationship with the loved one (e.g. a spouse or a child) or
  • were financially dependent on the loved one, or
  • were nominated as the beneficiary by the loved one in a super or insurance policy

If you want to find out if you are entitled to a death benefit, contact us today for a free consultation, and one of our lawyers will be happy to help you.

How much will it cost me?

We have special payment options to help people make Death Benefit claims, including:

  • A No Win No Fee Guarantee.
  • Free advice at your initial consultation.
  • No upfront charge for any expenses.
  • A fixed fee on all claims so you’ll have no nasty surprises.

Are there any time limits?

You need to act quickly, because if another family member or person lodges a claim of their own, the fund will simply give the benefit to that person. Once the money has been distributed, you’ll have no more rights to it.

How long will it take?

Generally, you will have your claim approved by the insurer within 4 to 8 weeks of lodgement. However, if there is a contest, where someone is disputing your claim, then it could take 3 to 6 months.

Can death benefits be disputed?

Yes. Some binding nominations can be disputed. For example, some funds require the nomination to be made to “a dependant”, and the definition of “dependant” will potentially change from fund to fund. An ex-wife who met the definition at the time of the nomination may not meet the definition after a divorce or separation.

Similarly, someone who was not family, but was financially dependent on a member at the time of nomination, and who is no longer financially dependent at the time of death, may no longer meet the required definition.

It can be complicated, so contact us for a free consultation, and one of our expert lawyers can start sorting things out for you.

Are there time limits for disputing death benefits?

Yes. There are strict time limits for disputing decisions made about the distribution of death benefits, so you should seek advice as soon as you can, especially if you have received notification of a claim decision from the super fund.

We can find out very quickly where you stand, what your options are and weigh in on your behalf.

Do I need a lawyer for a Death Benefit Claim?

It’s in your best interest to get a legal expert to navigate this tricky area. Super funds and insurers make it difficult for self-represented claimants to get the benefits they’re entitled to. Sometimes they practice delaying tactics. They may also reject your claim on unfounded reasons. If you have one of our expert lawyers representing you, we can cut through all this and get you the entitlements that you deserve. Our lawyers will make sure that:

  • You’re aware of all your potential disability benefits
  • You maximise your claim
  • You don’t have the stress of dealing with large institutions. If we run the claim for you, we deal with the doctors, ATO, Centrelink and your workers comp insurer on your behalf

Why trust us with your Death Benefit or Life Insurance claim?

As winners of CorporateINTL Global Awards 2018 “Personal Injury & Superannuation Law Firm of the Year in Australia”, you can trust that you have one of the best insurance and superannuation law firms in Australia working for you.

  • In 2019 alone, we earnt our clients $49 million in insurance and super claims.
  • Over 20 years experience in the industry, means we know how to fast track your claim and get your benefit to you and your family as soon as possible.
  • Our reputation for being tough, experienced and well-prepared means that the insurance companies are more likely to take your claim seriously, and pay you maximum entitlements.
  • Most of our lawyers have worked for insurance companies, so they’re prepared for the tactics insurers might use to reject your claim.
  • With us, you have your own lawyer the whole way, guiding and supporting you through the entire process so you can step back knowing that your claim is in expert hands.

We’ve got what it takes to get you everything you are entitled to. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our google reviews or watch what some of our clients say about us.

What should I expect?

  1. You get in touch

    You get the ball rolling by telling us what happened and we provide free advice regarding your claim.
  2. We investigate your loved one’s death benefits

    We get all the necessary details of the death benefits and get the documents necessary to lodge or dispute your claim.
  3. We meet to explain your entitlements

    Once we know the details of your cover, we will give you further advice about what you may be entitled to and how you want to proceed. We will also let you know if you might have other claims.
  4. We get evidence in support of your claim

    We then start collecting evidence to support your relationship with the deceased. We will also prepare detailed legal submissions based on the law applicable to your case.
  5. We prepare and submit your claim

    We then complete all claim forms and send these to your fund/s together with other material.
  6. Your claim is successful

    You can tell us how you want to receive your benefit and we make sure that you get the money as soon as possible.

10 Reasons To Choose Us

You can afford high quality legal representation without having to pay any upfront costs. We will never charge unless we successfully recover compensation. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to reimburse us for any of the legal fees and expenses associated with your case.

Free advice from a solicitor

You can get free advice from one of our expert lawyers both on the phone and or in person. How does it work? You simply call us at 1300 769 665 and you will be transferred to one of our lawyers who will provide you with clear and comprehensive advice free of charge. You can also submit an enquiry online and, again, our written advice to you will be obligation free.

98% cases won

We win the overwhelming majority of our cases. Obviously, this doesn’t happen by chance – only hard, diligent work gets results. What does it mean for you? It means that nothing is left to chance and no stone is left unturned in getting you the successful result you deserve.

Award winning law firm

At MCL we take pride in our work and work tirelessly to be the best in the industry. We have been voted Personal Injury and Superannuation Law Firm of the Year 2018 in Australia (CorporateINTL Awards).

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Don’t just take our word for it – look at independent Google reviews from our clients. In fact, Monaco has the highest Google rating within the industry.

Leaders in our field

For over 20 years MCL has been a leader in the field of compensation law. With 36 offices nationwide, we can deliver our services to you wherever you are. No matter how big or small your claim, we have the expertise to handle it successfully.

We are specialists in superannuation – TPD claims

At Monaco, our lawyers are some of the best trained and qualified in the industry. We have a team dealing exclusively with TPD/Superannuation claims, headed up by an Accredited Specialist. So no matter how complex your claim, we have the expertise to handle it successfully.

Maximum compensation

Don’t let insurance companies pay less than your claim is worth. You deserve substantial compensation for your suffering and it is our responsibility to get it for you. We have the training and expertise to ensure that nothing will be left to chance when preparing your claim. The result – maximum compensation recovered in every case.

We are in for the long haul

Compensation claims can be expensive to run. We have the financial muscle to go the distance against the limitless resources that can be deployed by the insurance companies. If we take your case, we’ll run it on a No Win No Fee basis, so you have nothing to lose.

Home and hospital visits

We have dealt with injured people over many years and understand that sometimes travelling to see a lawyer can be difficult. This is why we offer our free home and/or hospital visit service. All you need to do is ask!

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