MCL is one of Australia's leading firms in the area of serious injury claims.

Serious injury claims require the most expertise on the part of your legal representative. While serious injury claims are not something that is treated separately in law, insurers often heavily contest such claims resulting in prolonged litigation and the need for careful preparation. It is for this reason, that a lawyer in charge of such a claim has the expertise and training to deal with the challenges of this type of litigation.

Over the years, MCL has built a track record of successfully prosecuting serious injury claims on behalf of our clients. We are confident in our abilities. That is why we provide a 'No Win No Fee Guarantee' to all of our clients who have been catastrophically injured.

In our experience claims for injuries

  • Resulting in paraplegia;
  • Resulting in quadriplegia;
  • Concerning birth defects; and
  • Involving brain injuries

are often much more difficult to resolve.

For more specific information, give us a call and one of our expert solicitors will give you some free initial advice.