Does workers compensation affect future employment?

Quick answer

In some circumstances, yes. Fair Work law prevents employers from refusing to hire you after a workers compensation claim. However, if your condition prevents you from performing some work duties, this may affect your future employment.

In depth answer

After you’re recovered from a workplace injury, it’s likely you’ll need to return to work. Your employer is legally obligated to provide a role suited to your condition and abilities. However, if they’re unable to do so, you may need to apply for new jobs.

During the hiring process, an employer may require you to disclose all pre-existing conditions that could affect your ability to perform work duties.

Take, for example, an employer looking to hire a labourer. They can legally refuse to hire someone with a pre-existing back injury. But if that person has made a full recovery, the employer cannot refuse to hire them based on their previous workers compensation claim alone.

It’s important to note that you must disclose your previous work injury to any new employers. Failing to disclose an injury can affect your eligibility for future workers compensation.

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