About us

About Us

Monaco Compensation Lawyers (MCL) is one of Australia’s leading compensation law firms. We’ve been standing up for the rights of everyday Australians for over twenty years.

We understand that compensation claims not only cause physical and psychological scars, but lead to financial hardship It is for this reason, that we provide a ‘No Win No Fee Guarantee’ to all of our clients. This means that you only need to pay us for our work if and when your claim is successfully finalised.

At MCL, your claim is handled by an accredited specialist in compensation law. This means that our lawyers have the expertise and experience to take on the big insurance companies. We also have the financial muscle to go the distance against the limitless resources that can be deployed by the insurers. In fact, we have finalised thousands of claims on behalf of our clients and claimed millions of dollars over the years.

We understand that the first step may be challenging, but we are always here to help. During your Free Initial Consultation, you are assigned to one of our lawyers specialising in the particular area of compensation law who works closely in tight-knit teams to achieve the best outcome for you. Our experts are always available and pride themselves in being here to advise you and answer any of your questions. We provide accurate and confidential advice without the legal jargon. Contact us today to claim your Free Case Consultation speak directly to one of our experts.

We are specialists in compensation

Compensation is a complex and specialised area of law requiring particular expertise from your lawyer. Unlike other law firms, we only do compensation claims. Our senior lawyers are some of the best trained and qualified in the industry. They are able to assume full control of your claim, no matter how complex, and ensure that all work is carried out in a professional and effective manner.

We have the experience & expertise

MCL has a long track record of success in preparing and successfully finalising claims of all kinds. Our team of senior lawyers have decades of experience. Over the years we have established a strong network of respected medical and other technical experts. Expert support of this kind is essential to the proper and effective preparation of your claim. No matter how big or small your claim, we have the expertise to handle it successfully.

Free advice

When you contact MCL, it is our policy that all new clients speak to an experienced Compensation Lawyer immediately. The solicitor will discuss the circumstances of your case with you and advise you whether or not you have a viable claim. If we believe you should pursue your claim, we will then carry out further investigations on your behalf, including obtaining your medical reports and records, advice from barristers, and independent opinions from medical experts.

We are professional at all times

At MCL, we understand how important it is for you to have your call returned promptly and to be kept informed of the progress of your case. Our commitment to you is that we will be professional and courteous in all our dealings with you, listen to your concerns and understand your needs.

We are in for the long haul

Compensation claims can be expensive to run, especially if they are major or catastrophic claims. At MCL we have the financial muscle to go the distance against the limitless resources that can be deployed by the insurance companies.

We speak your language

Over the years we have assisted many clients from non-English speaking backgrounds. We provide excellent interpreters for all of our non-English speaking clients. You do not need to pay for this service. Whatever language you speak we will be able to help you.

An office near you

We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and regional New South Wales. If required, we will also visit our clients in their home or at hospital. With twenty-three offices and locations, together with our capacity to deliver our services at your home or at hospital, you can get free advice from an experienced compensation lawyer wherever you are.

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