Our genuine No Win No Fee Guarantee

Every claim is covered by our No Win No Fee Guarantee. That means you pay nothing unless we win your case.

While many firms throw around the phrase ‘No Win No Fee’, dig a little deeper and you’ll find many hidden costs.

But at Monaco, we believe that ‘No Win No Fee’ should be just that. No conditions. No sneaky asterisks. Just expert legal representation, available to every Australian.

Quick facts about our fees

  • No financial risk. You only pay us if your claim is successful. We cover all fees, medical report costs and other expenses. 
  • Lower legal fees. In most cases, we recover the majority of our fees from the other party. This means you keep more of your total compensation.
  • No upfront costs. Unlike most law firms, we don’t charge to investigate your claim. We cover all our legal fees, as well as medical tests, expert reports, and all other upfront costs.
  • 90-day risk-free trial. We offer a 90-day free trial* for all legal services, so you can evaluate our work before committing to your claim. If you cancel anytime during this period, there’s absolutely nothing to pay.
  • No hidden costs. We provide a clear estimate of our legal costs before starting your claim. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises.
  • Honest fees. We only charge for the work we do. You’ll receive a full, transparent breakdown of our charges before your case is finalised.
  • Independently reviewed. Our costs are independently reviewed and audited to ensure all fees are fair.

* For work injury damages, TPD, superannuation, income protection and death benefits claims, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial.

All NSW Workers Compensation claims are free

In New South Wales, the government covers legal fees for Workers Compensation claims. This means you will never receive a bill from us for the work we do on your claim.

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How are my legal fees calculated?

Should your claim be successful, your total legal fees will be a combination of our professional fees and disbursements. Your fees will also include barrister’s costs if your claim went to court.

Professional fees

These are the fees we charge for our work. Our professional fees are an honest reflection of the work done on your claim and generally do not exceed 30% of your compensation.


These are the additional costs related to filing your claim. This includes medical tests and reports, expert evidence, court filing fees, process service fees, and the like. We cover all disbursements upfront and you will only pay them if we successfully resolve your claim.

Barrister fees

We’re experts at what we do. Because of this, we’ll only engage a barrister if your case requires it. We carefully monitor how much your barrister charges to ensure you get the best legal representation at the lowest cost.

Frequently asked questions

The cost agreement is where we set out all obligations related to your claim. As part of the cost agreement, we’re obligated to:

  • Ensure you’re updated on the progress of your claim.
  • Advise you if our estimated legal fees change.
  • Speak to you before we incur any unexpected or unusual expense.
  • Run your claim with professionalism and timeliness.

As part of this same agreement, you’re obligated to:

  • Be open and honest when providing information relevant to your claim.
  • Update us if your circumstances change (only if it’s relevant to your case).
  • Complete all reasonable requests made by your lawyer.

Disbursements are all costs related to running your claim, aside from the professional fees charged by your solicitor or barrister.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Medical tests, reports and/or records.
  • Non-medical expert evidence.
  • Court filing fees.
  • Process service fees.
  • Obtaining clinical notes.
  • Couriers.
  • Photocopying.

We pay all disbursements upfront on your behalf. You are only liable for them after we successfully resolve your claim.

To maximise your final payout, we always attempt to recover most of our legal costs from the other party. Whether your case is resolved in or out of court, our experience and tough negotiating tactics ensure you keep more of your compensation.

Out-of-court resolution

The overwhelming majority of cases (over 95%) settle out of court. This usually involves taking part in an informal settlement conference or a mediation. During this process, we’ll negotiate the terms of your settlement, including whether the other party will contribute towards your legal costs. In most cases, our careful planning and experience means we recover most of your legal costs from the opposition.

In-court resolution

The judge determines the payment of costs if your claim goes to court. There are two types of costs that a judge may order:

  • Party costs: the unsuccessful party pays the other party’s costs ‘as agreed or assessed’. This means either the parties reach an agreement on the amount or ‘reasonable’ costs are determined by an independent assessment process. This is the most common type of cost order.
  • Indemnity costs: the other party pays a larger sum of the court costs. Indemnity costs require proof that the other party behaved unreasonably or refused a reasonable out-of-court settlement offer.

We win 98% of all our No Win No Fee claims. If your case is one of the small number we don’t win, you have nothing to pay.

Absolutely. In fact, we’re safer than other lawyers because we:

  • Do not financially benefit from an unsuccessful case.
  • Cover every upfront cost.
  • Ensure our fees are proportionate to your compensation.
  • Commit to helping all Australians access quality legal representation.

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