How much do lawyers charge for TPD claims?

Quick answer

Most lawyers charge an hourly rate for TPD claims. This means you might get a rough cost estimate, but you won’t know the total amount until after your claim. At Monaco, we believe this is unfair — that’s why we offer fixed fees on all TPD claims.

While our exact fees depend on the complexity of your claim, you’ll always know how much we charge before we begin work.

In addition, our genuine No Win No Fee guarantee keeps your claim risk-free. Unlike other ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyers, we cover more than just our own legal fees. This includes medical reports, expert evidence, and other costs. You’re never out-of-pocket, and you have nothing to pay unless we win your claim.

Call us today for expert advice on your TPD claim. In a free consultation, we’ll outline your options and provide a clear breakdown of our fees.

In depth answer

It’s hard enough to be off work, without worrying about lawyers’ fees, medical costs, and negotiations with your insurer. That’s where we come in. Our fixed fees and No Win No Fee guarantee take the stress and uncertainty out of your TPD claim.

What are fixed fees?

We charge fixed fees for all TPD claims. This means that before starting work on your claim, we provide a transparent cost breakdown. It outlines our legal fees, as well as all other costs like medical evidence, reports, and administration. There are no hidden fees, and no nasty last-minute surprises.

While the precise cost of your TPD claim depends on its complexity, we only charge for the work we do. Our fees will always be honest, fair, and proportionate to the compensation you receive.

On top of this, our No Win No Fee guarantee keeps your claim risk-free.

How is Monaco’s No Win No Fee guarantee different?

Most firms who offer a No Win No Fee guarantee will only cover their own lawyer’s fees —leaving you liable for every other cost. This includes fees for medical tests, evidence, administration, as well as the other side’s court costs.

But at Monaco, our No Win No Fee guarantee covers every cost related to your TPD claim. This means you pay nothing until we win your case. In the unlikely event we’re unsuccessful, you’ll never receive a bill from us.

Can lawyers’ fees be more than my compensation?

No, law firms can legally only charge up to 50% of your compensation.

Why is Monaco cheaper than other law firms?

To ensure you pay the lowest possible legal fees, we always try to:

  1. Resolve your claim during out-of-court negotiations, avoiding substantial court and barrister fees.
  2. Recover our fees from the other party, leaving you with more (if not all) of your compensation.

With Monaco, you’ll likely spend less on legal fees compared to other law firms. In many situations, you’ll have no fees to pay at all.

Are there any risks?

None — our fixed fees and No Win No Fee guarantee make your TPD claim truly risk-free.
You’ll receive a clear breakdown of our fees before we begin work. If your claim is successful, you’ll only pay those pre-agreed fees. If your claim is unsuccessful, there’s absolutely nothing to pay. It’s that simple.

Do I need a lawyer?

You’re not required to hire a lawyer, but expert representation can take the stress and confusion out of your TPD claim. In our experience, insurers are more likely to delay (or even outright reject) claims brought by unrepresented people.

Throughout the claims process, your lawyer will help you avoid unnecessary paperwork and lengthy admin processes. We’ll also handle all negotiations on your behalf.

Our specialist TPD team can completely change the outcome of your case, especially in terms of:


Many of our TPD team have previously worked for insurance companies, so we understand the strategies they use to delay or deny claims. We also know how to get around these strategies, so your claim is approved faster.

Insurer evidence

Insurers do not have to rely on evidence from your doctors; they can insist on tests conducted by their own medical professionals. Your lawyer will challenge all insurer requests and evidence, helping you avoid unnecessary tests and giving your claim the highest chance of success.

Policy interpretation

TPD claims rely heavily on the definition of TPD in your super policy. This definition varies between individual policies, but is always open to interpretation. Our lawyers have the experience to interpret your policy and prove that you fit within its definition of TPD.

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