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No Win No Fee

If you are injured and unable to work, chances are you will be in a tough spot financially. But the thought of legal fees shouldn’t deter you from seeking compensation from an expert lawyer. We believe you have the right to legal representation, regardless of your financial circumstances.

For this reason, we offer a No Win, No Fee Guarantee. No Win, No Fee means:

  • You can access high-quality legal representation without having to pay any legal fees upfront
  • You only pay us if we win your case

What makes our No Win, No Fee contract different?

Unlike other lawyers:

  • We pay all your up-front expenses, including medical report fees and court filing fees
  • You won’t be hit with any nasty surprises because our contract is written in simple language, and there’s no fine print
  • We generally recover most of your legal costs from the insurer so that they, not you, pay our fees when we win
  • In the rare cases we don’t win, we pay all the costs of your claim (medical report fees, court filing etc.)

Free initial consultation

As part of our No Win, No Fee Guarantee, we offer a free initial consultation where we evaluate if your claim is viable from a legal perspective.

What will happen during your free initial consultation?

During your free initial consultation, you will have a detailed discussion with a specialist lawyer about your injury and current circumstances.

By the time you leave, you will have

  • Confirmation that you have a valid claim
  • A clear estimate of our legal expenses
  • Our No Win, No Fee contract to take home and read at your leisure
  • A step by step understanding of the claim process
  • An understanding of your lawyer’s strategy for getting you maximum compensation

No Obligation

You need to feel comfortable with your lawyer. So, if the fit isn’t right for you, there’s no obligation to continue. Even if you decide not to go with us, you will still have got comprehensive legal advice about your case, free of charge. It costs nothing to find out where you stand.

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