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If you or someone close to you has been injured by a defective product, you should find out whether you can claim compensation immediately.

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Common Questions

What process will we follow in handling your claim?

We manage the entire claims process for you.

Step 1: You call us or meet with us, explain what has happened to you, and we tell you whether we believe you have a valid legal claim.

Step 2: If we believe your claim is valid and agree to take on your case on a No-Win – No-Feebasis, we will arrange an appointment at one of our offices. If it is difficult for you to travel, we can arrange a home visit.

Step 3: We collect evidence to support your case. In product liability claims, this usually involves referring your case to an expert.

Step 4: We file your claim with the appropriate court or tribunal.

Step 5: We communicate with you in language you can understand and support you at every stage of your claim, including settlement conferences, mediations and court hearings.

What are some common examples of defective items that cause injuries?

 Examples of items that are the subject of product liability claims include:

  • Defective consumer goods or domestic appliances (e.g. electrical items such as power point outlets, whitegoods, phone chargers, computers or children’s toys that result in injury by electric shock)
  • Defective machinery or machinery parts
  • Defective cars or car parts
  • Defective medical implants
  • Dangerous pharmaceutical drugs
  • Dangerous chemical products.

What do you have to prove to be successful in a claim?

You can take a manufacturer or producer to court over a safety defect in one of their products if you can prove that:

  • The manufacturer owed you a duty of care.
  • The manufacturer failed in their duty of care to you, either through action or inaction.
  • The failure of the manufacturer to comply with their duty of care to you as a consumer caused injury to you or damage to your property.

It is important to be aware that, if you were injured as the result of a defective or faulty product, this needs to be supported by medical evidence.

What issues will a court consider when determining whether a product has a safety defect?

When determining whether a product has a safety defect, the Australian courts will generally consider the following issues:

  • How and for what purpose the product was manufactured
  • Product packaging
  • The use of any trade mark in relation to the product
  • Instructions and warnings regarding assembly or use
  • Reasonable expectations about how the product may be used
  • The time when the product was supplied.

How much will your product liability claim be worth?

In Australia, the amount of compensation you can claim in a product liability case depends on your individual circumstances.

For this reason, we need to know the extent of your injuries and the details of your situation before we can give you an estimate of what you may receive as compensation.

The reality is that the process a court uses to calculate damages in compensation cases is a complicated process. In most cases, the amount of compensation is determined by placing a monetary value on the gap between your life path before the injury and since the injury.

How long does a claim take to resolve?

The time it will take to resolve your product liability case will depend on the facts of the case and its complexity. 

Once we understand the facts and have identified the legal issues in your case, we will be better able to estimate how long it will take to resolve your claim.

Who is liable for the faulty product?

In most cases, the manufacturer will be responsible for the cost if your product liability claim is successful.

Under Australian law, the manufacturer is usually defined broadly as the company that:

  • Makes or assembles the product or goods
  • Imports the product or goods
  • Uses its own brand name on the product or goods
  • Promotes itself to the public as the manufacturer of the product or goods
  • Permits another person to promote the goods as having been manufactured by the company.

In most cases, however, compensation payments will be covered by insurance.

Are there any time limits on bringing a claim?

In Australia, there are strict time limits for bringing a product liability case.

Some of these laws are state- or territory-based, while others operate nationally. The time limit that applies to your case may depend on the state where you live.

For this reason, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible after you have been injured or your property has been damaged.

What else can you claim – Superannuation/Total and Permanent Disability

Many superannuation insurance policies provide cover if you are totally and permanently disabled.

Payments under these policies will usually be in the form of a lump sum and are provided on top of any other claims, such as a claim for compensation.

In addition, you may be able to make a claim under a personal insurance policy. For example, you may be able to claim compensation if you have life insurance, income protection insurance, or sickness and accident insurance.

At MCL, we have a team of lawyers who specialise in superannuation, TPD and life insurance claims. They have the skills and experience to determine whether you are covered under these policies.

If you'd like to find out more about making a superannuation or TPD claim , then please call us on 1300 769 665.

Why choose MCL?

MCL is one of Australia’s premier compensation law firms.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in handling these kinds of claim. This means that your case will be assessed, valued and prepared expertly and efficiently.

We also know how to navigate your case through the court system in order to get the best possible result for you as quickly as possible.

Our lawyers have the expertise and experience to take on the large insurance companies that usually represent the medical service providers in these claims. Just as importantly, we have the financial muscle to go the distance against the limitless resources of these large insurers.

Our reputation for being tough, experienced and well-prepared means that the insurance companies respect us and are more likely to offer you fair and reasonable compensation for your injury or loss.

We provide a ‘No Win No Fee’ guarantee to all our clients. This means that you only pay us for our work after the successful conclusion of your claim.

Finally, if you entrust your matter to us, you will have your own lawyer, who will always be available to answer your questions and support you through the claims process.

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Recognised as one of Australia’s best Product Liability Law Firms, for over 20 years we have helped hundreds of people all over Australia make successful claims and recover substantial damages in this field.

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