Unfortunately, Monaco may not be able to assist you.

To make a claim for TPD benefits, you need to have suffered an injury or illness that has caused you to completely and permanently cease work. Most TPD insurance policies further stipulate that you must be unable to return to any occupation for the foreseeable future. If your circumstances change, please contact our TPD team on 1300 769 665 for free legal advice.

In the meantime, this guide from the ATO can help you better understand accessing your superannuation.

While there are other ways to claim your superannuation benefits, such as a financial hardship claim, we generally only deal with matters where an injury or illness has caused you to completely and permanently cease work. If you wish to make a financial hardship claim, or make another claim outside of TPD or permanent disability, we recommend that you first contact your superannuation fund to check their requirements.

Also, due to the complexity of the law, our tool for checking claims isn’t always 100% right. If you want to be really sure you don’t have a claim, it’s a good idea to get a lawyer to look into your case more. We suggest getting a second opinion just to be certain.

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