John’s Story

John faced financial challenges when he wasn’t working, causing bills to pile up. If he had the right info earlier, things might have been easier. He was stressed and held off on some medical treatments because of money worries. However, after approaching Monaco, things got better for him.

John’s Story

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When I was working, it was easy to cover everything, but when I wasn't working, the expenses were backing up. But that was only half of it. I think if I had information and I knew what I was entitled to and the procedure could have started earlier, we would've been ahead earlier. I was quite cranky towards everybody. Yeah. That's why I said we had some dark days. Mark would tell you about those, but... We're in a better position, I suppose. Mainly for me to build my body up, so hence why I'm getting my knees done and a few other things, hopefully. I've been putting off operations because I didn't know the certainty of it, especially with the lower back and the neck. I'm probably going to go ahead with them now. I think it was 2007 when I come in contact with Monaco and a change for the better, greatly. Yeah.

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