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When you are with Monaco Solicitors, you are assigned to one of our lawyers specialising in the particular area of compensation law. Each of our lawyers work closely in tight knit teams (or “brains trusts”) so we are able to achieve the best outcome for you. Our people are always available and pride themselves in being here to advise you and answer any of your questions.

Our People

Leon Monaco

Managing Partner - Senior Lawyer

Leon is the Managing Partner of Monaco Compensation Lawyers. He has approximately 23 years experience in representing clients injured in accidents of all kinds or as a result of medical malpractice.
Leon’s main focus is most substantial and demanding claims, usually involving complex matters of facts and law. His experience extends to Workers Compensation, Motor Accident, Public Liability and Medical Negligence Claims of all kinds.
Leon’s work has taken him to the highest courts in Australia, including the Supreme Court of NSW, Court of Appeal of NSW, and the High Court of Australia.
Leon never forgets that he works for and on behalf of his clients. He is driven by a desire to obtain the best possible outcome in each and every case. Leon also mentors young lawyers within the firm.
Leon is a member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance. He is committed to advancing the rights of injured people all over Australia. He is active in lobbying and making representation to various government agencies to ensure that the law does not discriminate against persons who suffered harm and loss as a result of someone’s negligence.
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Kelly Keane

Partner - Senior Lawyer Accredited Specialist

Kelly is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, a Partner of the firm and has approximately 20 years experience in acting for both plaintiffs and insurers/self-insurers. The first half of Kelly's career was spent working as a solicitor and partner of a legal firm whose sole practice involved acting for insurers and self-insurers in all aspects of personal injury litigation. Kelly managed the Sydney office of a national defendant personal injury law firm which included the supervision, mentoring and training of solicitors and other staff whose practice areas included all aspects of personal injury litigation.

Currently, Kelly is the supervising partner and Team Leader of Monaco Solicitors in relation to a large portfolio of plaintiff clients in the areas of workers compensation, work injury damages, motor accident, public liability, dust disease law, TPD & superannuation policy based claims. Kelly's experience is diverse and extends also to the mentoring and training of other compensation lawyers and staff within the practice as well as personally handling the more complex personal injury matters within the practice.

Kelly has provided advice and representation for plaintiffs and defendants in all areas of personal injury litigation and has valuable insight into how defendant organizations handle their workers' compensation and other claims and employees. Kelly was also the liaison partner for a number of high profile government and private employers when working in her previous role as a solicitor for a defendant legal firm.

Kelly works out of Monaco Solicitors' Sydney and Coffs Harbour offices and also travels regularly to visit clients in the firm's other north coast branch offices.
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Vanessa Azzi

Senior Associate - Senior Lawyer

Vanessa Azzi, a Senior Associate, is a solicitor admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and High Court of Australia. She brings to the Monaco Solicitors team a wide range of legal experience and knowledge, having worked as a paralegal for Counsel and a national firm in the past.

Vanessa practices in numerous areas of law, including:
• Motor vehicle claims;
• Public liability and occupiers liability claims;
• Compensation to relatives claims;
• Work injury damages claims; and
• General negligence claims.

Vanessa has extensive experience lodging applications with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority, including lodging Medical Assessment Service ('MAS') and Claims Assessment and Resolution Service ('CARS') applications for the purposes of determining a client's rights to pain and suffering damages. She has substantial experience in assessing complex and demanding claims. As part of her experience, she has a thorough understanding of the American Medical Association Fourth Addition Guidelines (AMA4), which are used for assessing damages with respect to motor accident claims of all kinds. Vanessa's experience extends to fully preparing all kinds of matters for CARS Assessments, District and Supreme Court hearings and instructing both Junior and Senior Counsel.

Vanessa has also frequently worked on public liability and occupier's liability cases against large insurance companies. Her work has lead to substantial exposure to ligation and appearing in the District and Supreme Courts on behalf of her clients. She has a very good understanding of procedures used by the courts, which she gained as part of appearances at directions hearings. Vanessa has also had experience in managing cases in the Court of Appeal.

Vanessa aims to expeditiously finalize her client's matters through alternative dispute resolution processes, ensuring that they receive the best outcome, but would not hesitate to defend her client's rights in Court should it be necessary.

Vanessa is fluent in Arabic.
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Anthony Porthouse

Special Counsel - Senior Lawyer - Accredited Specialist

Anthony is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and Special Counsel at Monaco Solicitors. He has over 25 years experience acting for plaintiffs as both solicitor and advocate.

Anthony has a wide experience in all areas of personal injury law but has particular expertise in medical negligence, complex claims, and catastrophic injury. Anthony has a detailed understanding of the medical and legal issues that arise in these types of claims.

Anthony is a skilled litigator, driven to obtain the best possible result for clients at trial or by alternative dispute resolution. He has a special interest in the practice and procedure of the courts and works to obtain a tactical advantage for the client in those areas. He believes that thorough preparation is the key to obtaining the best result possible for each and every client.
Anthony relishes litigation and has achieved a number of multi-million dollar verdicts in difficult and novel cases. He works predominantly in the bullring of the District and Supreme Court but has extensive experience in most courts and tribunals, including the Federal Court, Conciliation and Arbitration Service and Workers Compensation Commission, as well as all appellate levels up to the High Court.

Anthony is also committed to alternative dispute resolution and will work to achieve a suitable outcome for the client without the additional costs of a court hearing, where possible.
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Ben Ralph

Senior Associate

Ben Ralph is a Senior Associate and leads our Superannuation, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Life Insurance department.
Ben previously worked in-house for insurers and now brings his developed knowledge of TPD and life insurance claims to the firm.
Ben hails originally from North Queensland and is passionate about getting the best possible outcome for his clients as well as resolving matters as quickly as possible. Ben prides himself on his ability to connect well with clients.
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Megg Ross

Senior Associate - Accredited Specialist

Megg Ross is a Senior Associate with the firm and an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Whilst undertaken her university studies, Megg was awarded membership of the Golden Key International Honour Society for her achievements in legal studies.

Since her admission, Megg has been practicing exclusively within the field of personal injury law and has worked on substantial and complex litigated claims in the District and Supreme Courts, and Workers Compensation Commission. Megg works closely alongside Kelly Keane, Partner of Monaco Solicitors, in relation to a variety of personal injury law matters including public liability, work injury damages, motor vehicle accidents, common law assaults, and workers compensation.

Megg takes pride in assisting those injured achieve all of their entitlements under the law and building a rapport with each client. Megg understands the trauma associated with not only injuries sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence, but the daunting nature of legal proceedings. She prides herself on the outcome achieved for her clients over the many years of work in the field of personal injury litigation.
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Nicola Jandura


Nicola is a solicitor at Monaco Solicitors, in the Sydney offices medical negligence team.

Nicola works in the area of medical negligence and represents clients in a wide range of matters of varying complexity.

Prior to joining Monaco Solicitors, Nicola represented client’s in personal injuries proceedings, discrimination and privacy matters. She also represented families at coronial inquests, acting on behalf of families of those who have died as a result of negligence and discrimination in Australia’s health system. She is trained in cultural awareness and works with clients in a sensitive and sincere way to access justice, recognizing the trauma that has often been experienced by her clients. She enjoys building strong relationships with those she represents, enabling her to obtain just outcomes for her clients.

Nicola has a particular interest in health and medical law and is completing her Master of Laws at Australian National University with a focus on medical law and personal injuries.
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Daniella Dababneh


Daniella Dababneh was admitted a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW in 2020 and works closely with our Senior Associate, Ben Ralph, in our superannuation, total and permanent disablement and life Insurance team.

In understanding the strain of ones inability to function as they were once able to, Daniella uses this as her core motivator in working tirelessly and efficiently. She recognises the psychological, physical, economic and social effect of injuries and illnesses and works meticulously in an avid matter to provide excellent representation and ensure that the outcome of her all her clients matters are both just and fair.

Daniella prides herself on having strong communication skills and an ability to liaise with clients from all walks of life. This has allowed Daniella to build durable and confident relationships with her clients.

Daniella is a passionate advocate for those who are suffering from injury or illness and brings knowledge and skills from her previous experience. Prior to joining Monaco, Daniella assisted in the representation of plaintiffs in the areas of motor vehicle accidents and medical negligence. Daniella also worked closely with the Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans to formulate submissions to the Commonwealth Parliaments Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trades Inquiry into Human Organ Trafficking and Organ Transplants.

Daniella also speaks Arabic.
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Jessica Hsiao


Jessica was admitted in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2019 after completing a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law. She is a solicitor in the medical negligence team and has been practising exclusively in personal injury law, with experience predominantly in CTP claims as well as workers’ compensation and public liability claims. Jessica cares about her clients and prides herself on her ability to use empathy and respect to build trust and lasting relationships. She understands the vulnerability of patients and their reliance on professionals through the often difficult and emotional legal process. Jessica is also fluent in Mandarin.
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Christine Pang


Christine is a Paralegal within our Medical Negligence team and is in her final year of her undergraduate law degree. Christine works closely with Special Counsel, Mr Anthony Porthouse, and our medical negligence solicitors. Christine assists with all stages of medical negligence claims, including new enquiries, client letters of advice, affidavits, chronologies, briefing counsel and instructing liability experts and medical professionals.

Christine is a strategic problem solver and is committed to deliver exceptional results tailored to the individual needs of each client. She is a diligent advocate and believes that preparation, practice and effective communication are paramount to a successful claim. Having previously worked with clients ranging from victims of crime, cancer patients and not-for-profit organisations, Christine brings knowledge and skills in the fields of trauma and recovery.
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Sally Sutton


Sally Sutton is a Paralegal in our Superannuation Benefits Team. She has been working in plaintiff personal injury law firms for 30+ years.

Sally works in the Superannuation Benefits Team alongside Ben Ralph. Sally assists with all aspects of Total and Permanent Disablement Claims, Income Protection Claims, Terminal Illness Claims and Death Benefit Claims from the initial stages of preparing claim forms through to assisting with preparation of briefing counsel for claims that are litigated in the Supreme Court.

Sally has worked with Senior Counsel and lawyers on plaintiff personal injury matters such as workers compensation, work injury damages, public liability, dust diseases and motor vehicle accident claims. She has an extensive knowledge of plaintiff personal injury matters.
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Arthur Lim


Arthur Lim is a paralegal in our workers’ compensation, public liability and family provision teams and is currently undertaking his Law degree. Arthur is passionate in guiding clients who have experienced distressing injuries and events through the compensation process.

Arthur works closely with Partner, Kelly Keane from the start to end of a claim, and he can take your initial inquiry when you first call us. During the claim, Arthur is responsible for reviewing medical documentation, preparing file notes and chronologies, briefing counsel, instructing medical experts, and submitting applications and pleadings on your behalf to insurers and government agencies.
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Cherie Li


Cherie Li is a paralegal in our Superannuation and TPD team, currently undertaking her law degree. She is a motivated and empathetic individual with a genuine desire to assist our clients through the most difficult of times.

Cherie works under the guidance of Mr Ben Ralph on the earlier stages of a claim, by liaising closely with the client and other stakeholders to obtain information and prepare a claim for lodgement. With extensive experience in negotiations and case competitions, Cherie’s ability to solve problems and communicate with clients from all walks of life allows her to strive towards providing excellent representation.

She is also fluent in Mandarin.
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Leo Nosatti


Leo is a paralegal working in the areas of work injury damages, workers compensation, CTP, common law assault and public liability. He is empathetic, personable and a strong communicator, with a passion for achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. He is currently studying a combined Commerce and Law degree at the University of Sydney.

Working closely with solicitor Megg Ross and Supervising Partner Kelly Keane, Leo assists with the strategic planning and support of a number of claims. He engages with clients on a regular basis to ensure the most professional and supportive service is offered. In particular, he is responsible for reviewing medical evidence, briefing counsel, preparing letters of claim and letters of instruction to medical and liability experts. Leo further assists with legal research and the preparation of correspondence to external stakeholders.

Leo is an excellent problem solver and brings a diligent attitude and an exceptional work ethic to ensure optimal client outcomes.
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Keshav Mohan


Keshav Mohan is a Paralegal in our medical negligence team and in his second year of his combined law and media degree. Keshav works closely with Special Counsel, Mr Anthony Porthouse and our other medical negligence solicitors. He assists with all stages of our medical negligence claims, including chronologies, preparation for mediation, briefing counsel, and medical professionals.

Keshav has a passion for interacting with clients and particularly people in need, evidenced by his work for several charities and fundraisers. His empathetic and enthusiastic personality means it is easy for him to engage with our client’s issues and struggles. He believes that understanding the client’s perspective is the best way to represent them and ultimately assist in striving for justice.

Outside of law, Keshav is an avid follower of numerous sports teams and has experience in musical theatre and the performing arts.
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Lauren McGrath-Wild


Lauren is a Paralegal in the medical negligence team and works closely with Special Counsel, Mr Anthony Porthouse, and our medical negligence solicitors. She assists the team in all stages of our medical negligence claims. Lauren is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney. She has a genuine desire to use her skillset to bring about justice and represent the interest of our clients to the best of her ability. She is someone who will listen and fight for you.

Lauren is particularly passionate about women’s health and women’s issues. As an Australian champion public speaker and debater, she has adept communication skills and consistently builds strong relationships with our clients. She is passionate and has advocated for law reform in a number of areas.
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Liz Parsons


Elizabeth is a Paralegal in our workers compensation team, currently undertaking her law degree at the University of New South Wales. Working closely with supervising partner Kelly Keane, she is responsible for preparing documentation for Counsel and medical experts, communicating with key stakeholders, liaising with clients and lodging applications on behalf of clients with insurers and government agencies. Elizabeth brings her attention to detail and excellent communication skills to this role, allowing her to deliver outstanding service to clients. Her empathy and problem-solving capabilities enable her to support clients throughout their claim, making the process as seamless as possible.
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Dylan Maclou


Dylan Maclou is a Paralegal working across several of our teams. He is highly analytical and empathetic, with a strong passion for problem-solving. He is currently undertaking his Law degree.

Dylan works closely with Supervising Partner, Kelly Keane. He engages with clients from the initial enquiry through to the finalisation of the matter. In between, Dylan is responsible for reviewing medical documentation, generating initial letters of advice, chronologies, briefing counsel, and instructing medical and liability experts. Dylan further assists with submitting pleadings and lodging applications on our client’s behalf.

Dylan endeavors to build strong relationships with clients so as to foster feelings of trust and provide ease of mind throughout the all stages of the litigation process. He is attentive to detail, and believes that thorough preparation is the foundation to well-favored outcomes.

Dylan brings skills and knowledge in public speaking, informing his ability to effectively liaise and communicate with all parties involved.
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Chloe Woo

Legal Clerk

Chloe is a Legal Clerk and works closely with the managing partner, Leon Monaco. Chloe assists in legal and marketing capacities as well as conducting research to evaluate new business growth opportunities. She is currently undertaking her Law degree and involved in organisations that advocate for diversity in the legal profession because she strongly believes that people from all backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances should be given access to quality legal services.
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Emily Kopp


Emily is currently a Paralegal in our CTP, Family Provisions, Institutional Sexual Abuse and Public Liability team. Outside of work, she is undertaking a degree in Psychology and Law. She is an empathetic and hard working individual, with a genuine interest in assisting clients through difficult times to gain the best results for them. Emily works closely with Vanessa Azzi at all stages of the case, drafting letters for and liaising with stakeholders, speaking with clients and assisting solicitors and paralegals with any tasks they require. Due to her participation in case competitions, she has strong problem solving and analytical skills. In addition, her work in her psychology degree and leadership programs provides her with strong communication skills and motivation to strive for the best in all circumstances.
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Emily Parker


Emily is a Paralegal working within our superannuation and TPD team and is currently undertaking her law degree. She works closely with the TPD team to perform our free investigations into client’s superannuation accounts and benefits. With her degree focusing on communications, Emily understands that all clients deserve empathy and kindness during their most difficult times.

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