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$1 million

Ryan was just 26 when he was knocked off his motorcycle by a car. We helped secure his financial future...

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Anastasia seriously injured her neck and lower back when a vehicle crashed into her car. She was rushed to surgery....

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Vera was involved in a motorcycle accident on her way to work. The injuries impacted her ability to do her...

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A serious car accident left Angela with multiple injuries and ongoing pain. She eventually returned to her job but could...

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Valerie was violently T-boned at a roundabout and required two neck surgeries. The ongoing pain made returning to her job...

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A car collided with Steve’s bike as he rode home from work. Despite extensive surgery, Steve lost much of his...

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Jasper was injured and unable to work after a car collided with his bike. The insurer tried to argue that...

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A speedboat accident left our client seriously injured and unable to care for herself. Using our extensive network of experts,...

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