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What claims are covered by No Win No Fee?

Our No Win No Fee Guarantee is available for all claims, including:

All NSW Workers Compensation claims are free

In New South Wales, the Independent Review Office pays all workers compensation legal fees. This means we can take on your claim at no cost to you.

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Quick facts about our fees

  • Zero financial risk. We cover every expense related to your claim, including our own legal fees. If we’re unsuccessful, you have absolutely nothing to pay.
  • Reduced legal fees. We always attempt to recover our legal fees from the other party, meaning you keep more of your compensation.
  • No upfront costs. Unlike most law firms, we investigate your claim for free. If you choose to go ahead with your claim, we’ll cover all upfront expenses like expert reports and doctor’s visits.
  • Free 90-day trial*. We offer a 90-day trial period for all legal services, allowing you to assess our work before fully committing to your claim. If you choose to cancel at any time during this period, there are no charges.
  • No hidden costs. We give you a transparent breakdown of our legal costs before beginning work.
  • Honest fees. We don’t charge a flat rate; you only pay for the exact hours we dedicate to your claim.
  • Independently reviewed. Our fees undergo rigorous independent review to guarantee they’re both appropriate and fair.

* For work injury damages, TPD, superannuation, income protection and death benefits claims, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial.

How are my legal fees calculated?

If your claim is successful, you’ll be charged for our professional fees and expenses. Should your claim go to court, your total fees will also include the barrister’s costs.

Professional fees

These are the fees we charge for our services. They will always accurately reflect the work done on your claim and typically do not exceed 30% of your compensation.


These are the extra costs associated with preparing your claim, such as medical tests and reports, evidence, court filing fees, process service fees, obtaining clinical notes, couriers, and photocopying. We cover all these expenses and you’ll only need to pay them if your claim succeeds.

Barrister fees

Our expert lawyers settle the majority of claims through out-of-court negotiations. In some cases, we might enlist a barrister to assist with your claim if negotiation doesn’t lead to a fair resolution. We meticulously choose your barrister, and their services will still be covered by the same No Win No Fee guarantee as our own.

Frequently asked questions

A cost agreement is a legal document that sets out every obligation related to your claim.

Our obligations

Under the cost agreement, your lawyer is obligated to:

  • Update you on the progress of your claim.
  • Advise you if there’s a change to our estimated fees.
  • Get your approval before incurring any unexpected expenses.
  • Ensure your claim is run professionally.
  • Resolve your claim in a timely manner.

Your obligations

Under this same cost agreement, you’re required to:

  • Provide honest information about your situation.
  • Inform us if your situation changes (if it’s relevant to your claim).
  • Comply with all fair requests from your legal team.

To ensure you get maximum compensation, we’ll always try to recover a portion of our legal costs from the other party. Over the years, we have developed strategies to ensure you keep more of your compensation.

Out-of-court resolution

Since over 95% of claims settle out of court, it’s likely yours will too. You’ll attend an informal mediation or settlement conference where both parties attempt to reach a fair resolution. Throughout this process, we’ll negotiate the terms of your settlement, including the other party’s contribution towards your legal costs.

In-court resolution

If we can’t reach an agreement through negotiation, your claim may proceed to court. The judge will determine how costs are paid based on which party is successful and the conduct of the unsuccessful party throughout the process.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of costs a judge may order:

  • Ordinary basis costs: this is the most common cost order. Whichever party is unsuccessful will pay the other party’s costs ‘as agreed or assessed’. This means you’ll either agree on the amount or an independent assessor will determine ‘reasonable’ costs.
  • Indemnity basis costs: these are only available if the other party behaved unfairly during the out-of-court mediation process or refused a reasonable offer. If ordered, the other party must pay a large portion of court costs. For example, instead of the usual 60-70%, this court may order the other party to pay up to 90% of costs.

We successfully resolve 98% of all our No Win No Fee claims. In the unlikely event we don’t win your case, you will never receive a bill from us.

Absolutely. In fact, as No Win No Fee lawyers, we’re safer than other lawyers because we:

  • Only get paid if your claim is successful, so we don’t take on claims we can’t win.
  • Cover every upfront cost and bear all the financial risk for your claim.
  • Keep our fees low and always proportionate to your compensation.
  • Ensure every Australian has access to strong legal representation.

What our clients say

When you walk through our doors, our top priority is to help you as much as we can. This commitment is shown in over 200 5-star reviews.

4.8 out of 5
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Today, after only 8 weeks, I got the best news: my claim was successful!

Today I received the best call of my life. It’s finally here, and I couldn’t be happier! I was referred to Monaco solicitors by my sister in law after sustaining work injuries. From the moment I contacted them the whole process was easy and I was always well informed.


Monaco helped me get much more compensation than I expected.

Monaco Lawyers helped me to receive compensation for an ongoing injury I sustained after I was simply driving home from work and was driven into head on by an incompetent and negligent driver who I believe was texting at the time of the accident.


Jamie and her team at Monaco made my tough claim easier to handle.

My workers compensation claim was a nightmare with secondary injuries being denied, and the insurer trying to deny my claim throughout the process. Jamie and her team from Monaco Solicitors have been brilliant in their professionalism and management of my claim.

Google Posted by Dan Luff

Dealing with workers comp issues? Monaco, especially Jamie and her team, can really help you out.

I would recommend Monaco to anyone that is on workers compensation & getting screwed by the insurance company. Jamie & her team are very professional & will do everything possible to get you your entitlements in the workers compensation merry-go-round. Give them a call.

Google Posted by Grant Towell

Highly recommended! I am very happy with the result.

I am very happy with the service I received from Monaco Solicitors in regards to my worker’s compensation claim. Very professional, kept me up to date throughout my claim, with a great result at the end. I highly recommend them for your workers compensation matters.

Google Posted by Andrew Murcott

Thank you for accomplishing so much in such a short time.

Great communication, empathy and understanding. My case worker Daniella was a saint, understanding and patient and always passing on any updates in record time.


I knew it from the very first phone call: I had found a compassionate law firm.

Monaco Solicitors, I have no hesitation in recommending Daniella Dababneh and her team. After I suffered a serious workplace accident, I was in need of legal help.


Good result! We had a complicated claim but they got the job done.

My brothers and I had a complicated claim. I found Ben Ralph to be very helpful, himself and Sally Sutton worked hard for just over a year to get through our claim. They achieved a good result and got the monies paid to myself and my brothers.


They helped me juggle my injury claim and my mum's full-time care.

I highly recommend Monaco Solicitors. I was claiming PI through my superannuation for workplace injuries. They were doing a no win no fee which was great as I am a carer for my mum and don’t earn much.


I was very happy with the outcome.

I am so grateful for the professional legal representation provided by Monaco Solicitors. Ms Medea Hanna, my solicitor was efficient, knowledgeable, compassionate and she was able to resolve my matter quickly, reaching an outcome I was very happy with.

Google Posted by Rachel L

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