Superannuation, TPD and Life Insurance Claims

Superannuation, TPD and Life Insurance Claims

At Monaco Compensation Lawyers (MCL) we have a team of highly trained lawyers who deal only with insurance, TPD and superannuation claims.

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Superannuation and Disability Claims

Most superannuation funds have benefits attached to them to protect you if you are unable to work due to injury or illness. Unfortunately, obtaining access to these valuable benefits can often be a long and complicated process. Most people are not even aware that these benefits are available as part of their superannuation policy.


MCL - Leading Experts in Superannuation and Insurance Law

At MCL we have a dedicated team of lawyers with a track record of success in helping our clients access their superannuation and insurance benefits. Led by an accredited specialist in superannuation law Kelly Keane, this expertise is available to assess your claim and provide you with clear and comprehensive advice. As part of our service, we provide a No Win No Fee Guarantee, which means that you will only pay legal fees if we obtain a successful outcome.

If you are unsure regarding your superannuation benefits, please get in touch with our superannuation lawyer today.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of insurance related claims available if you are unable to work due to injury or illness. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know where to start. It is for this reason, that MCL offers an Initial Free Consultation with our superannuation and insurance legal experts to determine your rights and ability to make a claim up front. During the Free Initial Consultation, our lawyers will identify which of the four type of insurance benefits you may be entitled to. These include:

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

The TPD benefit is payable in the circumstances where a person becomes seriously ill or suffers a substantial injury which affects his or her ability to return to work. Click to read more about TPD claims.

Income Protection or Total and Temporary Disablement (TTD)/Declined IP Claims

If you temporarily cannot work because of an injury or illness, you may be able to claim salary continuance or income protection benefits. Click to read more about TPD claims.

Life Insurance and Death Benefits Claims

You may be entitled to a lump sum benefit from a loved one's super contributions and insurance benefits. Click here to read more about life insurance and death benefit claims.

If you are a member of a superannuation fund, most provide disability insurance cover to their members. Therefore, the first place to check is to review your superannuation funds' quarterly statements. You may have your own life insurance policy, disability insurance or mortgage insurance. All of these often result in substantial insurance coverage in the event of disability. Our Lawyers are experts and can help you find out if you have any disability insurance available, so contact us today.
The requirements for making a claim vary according to the type of claim you are making.
  • TPD claims: you need to show that you cannot work in their job, and cannot do similar jobs for which you have training and experience. You don't have to show that someone else was at fault.
  • Income Protection claims: you need to demonstrate that you have lost capacity to do your job, that you are not working and earning a wage and that you are receiving medical care.
  • Life Insurance and Death Benefit claims: you need to demonstrate a close relationship to the deceased where the person has left no will.
  • Please note that superannuation funds and insurance companies are often not forthcoming with self-represented claimants. We suggest, therefore, that you contact one of our legal experts - remember your first consultation is free.
Please note that superannuation funds and insurance companies are often not forthcoming with self-represented claimants. We suggest, therefore, that you contact one of our legal experts - remember your first consultation is free.
Our experience is that most claims take between six and twelve months. However, we have also had many claims determined much earlier. At MCL, we have developed procedures which allow most claims to be fast tracked.
If the insurer has rejected your claim, you can request them to undertake a formal review of the original decision. The other option available to you is to appeal your claim through the Courts. Over the years, MCL has established a track record of successfully challenging and overturning unfair determinations made by super funds and insurance companies. Our lawyers are experts and can help you appeal any unfair decision, so contact us today.
Many people who make superannuation and insurance claims are in a difficult financial position. It is for these reasons, that MCL has developed a special payment option for our insurance/superannuation clients. This option involves:
  • No Win No Fee Guarantee;’
  • Free advice at your initial consultation;
  • No charge for any expenses;
  • Fixed fee on most superannuation and insurance claims.
MCL is one of the leading superannuation and insurance claim law firms in Australia. Our lawyers are experts at working out the fine print in insurance policies. We can provide you with clear advice and undertake a free super claims check (link to super claim check form). We also have the financial muscle and specialised knowledge to take on the big insurance companies and help you regain control of your life when you need it most. At MCL you will have your own expert lawyer, who will always be available to answer your questions.  Click here to find out more about our 'No Win No Fee Guarantee.' To find out more about MCL and how we can help you, click the following links:

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